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Medicinal Marijuana: What Are the Benefits?

More and more people are turning to the therapeutic properties of cannabis to help them achieve better health and enjoy a more comfortable life. Is medical marijuana actually effective, though?

What Could Medical Marijuana Help With?

There are many different qualifying conditions that medical marijuana could possibly help with. We’ll outline the most common uses of cannabis for alleviating pain, but the possibilities are many, so we can’t capture each and everyone here.

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Here are some of the most popular uses for medical cannabis:

While medicinal marijuana is not an adequate treatment for severe pain, many people feel that it helps them deal with chronic pain. Part of the benefit of using cannabis for pain is the indication that cannabis could be an alternative to NSAIDs or opioids, the latter of which has the potential to cause serious addiction problems.

Research indicates that marijuana medicine for pain may be especially useful in alleviating certain kinds of neuropathic pain (nerve pain). Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea properties make it potentially useful in managing gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn’s Disease. Cannabis is also believed to have muscle relaxant effects which may make it effective for treating conditions that cause unwanted muscle spasms and twitches. 

Additionally, CBD, one of the primary cannabinoids in marijuana, may be effective in relieving immediate anxiety and stress. An added bonus is that CBD may also be able to improve sleep in cases where sleep is adversely affected by anxiety or stress. 

This is far from a complete list. Check out Maryland’s complete list of qualifying conditions to see a full list of the conditions that may certify you for medical cannabis.

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Could Medical Marijuana Mean Fewer Side Effects?

Cannabis use isn’t completely risk-free. Medicinal marijuana can cause side effects, just like any other medicine. The question to consider is whether using medicinal marijuana may be a better option for you than having to struggle with other ineffective treatments or the negative side effects you may experience from other medications. 

If you’re thinking of trying medicinal marijuana, make sure to discuss carefully with your doctor whether it may be a better option than other medication, or whether it might be used as a possible addition to your medical regimen. 

How Can Marijuana Be Used as Medicine?

Long gone are the days when smoking was the only way to ingest marijuana. Nowadays, there are many different ways to consume medicinal marijuana, including some that don’t require the inhalation of smoke or vapor. How can marijuana be used as a medicine besides smoking or vaping?

For starters, cannabis topicals might be a great choice if you’re dealing with localized pain. Topicals come as creams, oils, or patches and are commonly used for achy muscles or neuropathy.

Infused cannabis topicals provide localized effects without ever entering the bloodstream to produce psychoactive effects. and tinctures have become particularly popular options among medical cannabis patients. Tinctures can be applied with a dropper under the tongue (sublingual application usually takes 15 to 45 minutes to kick in) or swallowed like an edible (expect up to 3 hours to feel results when swallowing cannabis tinctures and eating edibles).

There are also many edible options including capsules, baked goods, and candies that have been infused with cannabinoids. Eating your cannabis may take a little longer for effects to kick in, but edibles are a simple, effective, and delicious smoke-free option. Though it may take longer to feel the effects, there is also evidence that the therapeutic effects last longer when cannabis is swallowed because it processes through the liver over time.

Medicinal Marijuana Dosing With Care

Always start with the lowest possible dosage and wait a few hours before trying more. Experiment by increasing your dosage slowly, over time (think a week or two). The most effective cannabis intake is the minimum intake your body needs to achieve medicinal marijuana’s benefits.

Stop by and spend some time with one of our budtenders to learn about different consumption methods and which one may work best for you. Remember to also discuss dosages and develop a strategy for finding your ideal dosage

Medical Marijuana at Ritual

Thinking of trying medical cannabis for yourself? Visit our dispensary or check out our online menu to browse a wide selection of high-quality and affordable cannabis products that may be able to help you find the relief you’ve been seeking.