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Everything You Need to Know About Myrcene!

Have you ever smelt a strain of cannabis with a musky, herbal, and spicy aroma? What you’re smelling is Myrcene! Myrcene, an aromatic cannabis terpene with multiple therapeutic effects, is known as the mother of all terpenes. This is because it is the most common terpene found in cannabis, and has some of the most noticeable effects.

Myrcene’s smell may be familiar to you. This is because the terpene can be found in many popular plants such as; hops, mangos, bay leaves and lemongrass. These plants, and cannabis, secrete the therapeutic terpene oil to fend off insects while they grow.

psychoactive effects

If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, strains high in Myrcene might be right up your alley. This highly abundant terpene is known to provide sedative, potentially couch-lock effects, while elevating the consumers’ mood. Everything you would want after a long stressful day!

Therapeutic Benefits

Myrcene has is known to provide pain relief in patients, which pairs well with its sedative and relaxing effects. Other potential benefits include anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Popular Strains high in Myrcene include:

  • Ray Charles
  • Yuck Mouth
  • OG Story
  • Black Afghan
  • Valley Hashplant
  • MotorBreath
  • DSCT
  • 5th Element
  • Kush genetics and Cookies genetics are often high in Myrcene
Cutting board with chopped mango and marijuana leaf and dried flowers

If Myrcene carries the psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits you are looking for, make sure to bring it up during your next visit at Ritual Dispensary! Our patient care advisors are knowledgeable in the terpene’s properties and the high Myrcene strains we offer.