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Ritual Dispensary COVID-19 Updates

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Face Covering Update: April 21, 2020

Per new requirements from the MMCC, patients must wear a face covering at all times while on the Ritual Dispensary premises. This includes being inside a vehicle or outside in the parking lot. Failure to comply with the new regulation could result in suspension or revocation of a patient or caregiver registration by the MMCC.

A face covering is defined as “a covering that fully covers the person’s nose and mouth” . A face covering can be anything of the patient’s choosing that meets this definition.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you!

Curbside Pickup Process

At Ritual Dispensary, the Health and Safety of our team and our community is our highest priority. Our team has begun enacting precautionary measures to ensure the safety of you and the employees who will be serving you.

We recognize how important it is to still provide access to the medicine patients rely on, and will do everything in our power to provide access to that medicine. With the patients’ wellbeing in mind, Ritual Dispensary will be open on a curbside pickup basis. The purpose of parking lot transactions is to prevent closed space interactions that could put patients at risk.

Here is how we’ll be serving you:

  1. Pre-order your products from Leafly or Weedmaps Preorder. If you are unable to use Weedmaps or Leafly Preorder, we will also take your order via phone call at (443) 817-2842.
  2. After placing your online order, we will notify you when it is ready to be picked up.
  3.  When you arrive at our dispensary, please call us at (443) 817-2842 with your car make, model and color so a Ritual Dispensary employee can come out and serve you from your vehicle.
  4. Please remember to bring your state ID if you are a new patient with us.



We do wish your first experience with us could be different, but look forward to showing you our top level of in-store customer service in the future!

Running a Clean Store
Cleaning and sanitization measures have been increased in frequency and detail inside of our retail stores. Additional cleaning supplies has been brought in to ensure a continuous process.

Cleaning and precautionary measures include:

  1. The wearing of gloves and masks
  2. Wiping down of door handles and counter tops frequently throughout the day
  3. Sanitization of the floors
  4. We have suspended the requirement for patients to sign a receipt
  5. We have minimized the amount of human contact needed during each transaction

Taking care of our team and visitors.
We have updated our company response plan to encourage anyone with symptoms, or those who may have come in contact with anyone with the virus, to stay home and isolate themselves for 14-days and/or until cleared by a medical doctor to return to work. Employees in this category may utilize work from home options when available, Paid Time Off and other benefit policies to assist with sustaining their incomes. Required all employees avoid nonessential business travel and all travel to countries designated high risk by the CDC.

We will continue to stay up to date with the situation and follow recommendations from the Maryland State Government, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, the CDC and others concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We do wish your first experience with us could be different, but look forward to showing you our top level of in-store customer service in the future!